Wealthcome, many people want to make it big or become rich, however only a few knows the way to go about it, just the same way many were called but few were chosen. Let me tell you something before I proceed, This is the last importation class you would attend.

NB: Please note that currently, only international passport can be used to verify Alipay account due to change in policy by Alipay management

Many people know that there is huge profit in importation business but much knows how to even start the business and from the much that know, only few make huge profit, because the remaining lack price negotiation knowledge and the skill to get buy directly from supplier without a procurement agent

If you have no idea on importation business or have an idea but making very little profit, then am here for you. Let me be your mentor and I guaranty you that you would not regret. I would be using two subheaHidings to introduce what you would learn from me;


  • How to open a 1688 Account and partake in the benefit of being a member
  • How To translate 1688 Website to English using Chrome browser(for both windows PC and Android phone)
  • How to Get Suppliers contact in 1688
  • How To Buy branded products like Gucci bags, Zara products, Fendi, Louis Vuitton among others
  • How to download, Install and login to 1688 APP. With this app, the cost of goods would be reduced by some percentage, this is done by Alibaba group to attract users to the APP version of 1688
  • How to Translate 1688 App into English language using High dictionary. You might doubt this, but I will show you later…Evidence silences arguments
  • How to Get suppliers Contacts yourself on 1688. The supplier are praying to meet you, so there contact is there in the 1688 website but encoded. It takes some intelligence, The people selling suppliers contact, how did they get it? You think they traveled to China to ? Hell no
  • How to chat and negotiate price with supplier/producer whether he understands English or not. The price you see in the website is the selling price, cost price is always cheaper and you can get that directly from supplier
  • How to Chat 1688 Supplier using 1688 app or Aliwangwang

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By now you would be in a hurry and anticipating to learn, but those are not the only delicacies in the menu, You would also learn

  • How to buy without a procurement Agent, Yes procurement agent charges any fee he or she wants as there are not regulatory bodies, that is reducing your profit already
  • How to verify Alipay account and pay directly to your supplier without a payment agent
  • How to verify your Wechat account

The above are the items in menu of buying, Now after buying, How do you get your goods? Ofcourse by shipping.


After you bought your goods, you would need to get it down from supplier to any location you are. You would learn the following on Shipping

  • How to Know the weight of goods you purchased. You can actually ask from supplier, now you have to chat him, How?
  • How to calculate local shipping fees. This is the shipping fee your supplier would charge you aside the purchase cost of the goods, This is to enable the supplier bring the goods to a warehouse of your logistics company in China
  • How to Calculate shipping cost and landing cost. Yes, you can do that if you know the total weight of the goods you purchased and the charge per kg of your chosen shipping company
  • What to know before you choose any international logistics company. This is the company that would bring your goods from China to Nigeria, Kenya,Ghana, Cameroon or any other country for a fixed shipping rate
  • How To Identify the right or legit shipping agent. If you fail this, your goods is as good as loss. Be careful of people claiming to be shipping agents but are thieeffffsss

Bonus 1: Turkey importation

  1. How to import from Turkey without stress
  2. Over 30 contacts of Turkish suppliers and agents
  3. Telegram groups of Turkish suppliers
  4. Contacts of Turkey to Nigeria shipping company

Bonus 2

  • 20 contacts of phone accessories manufacturing company
  • 5 contacts of different shipping agents

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