Perhaps you have attended several importation training, but I guarantee this would be your last.

You are here because you want to learn not just importation, but importation without any agent or middle man. If you are in hurry, you can quickly join the Whatsapp group for the training by clicking the button below, or continue scrolling to have an overview of how hot this class would be:

Product Sourcing

Among the first set of things to do in any business is to get stocks/products. Withouts goods/services there is no business. Under this circumference you would learn how to:

  • Places to source good products
  • search for products with English language, Chinese language, or any language of your choice
  • identify or spot inferior products; importing inferior products can cause business trauma
  • get suppliers contact by yourself
  • contacts of suppliers Chinese luxury products additionally


After successfull sourcing, then its time to order for your choice products. Under this I would show you how to:

  • create 1688 account and enjoy membership benefits
  • download and install 1688 app. The app has certain advantages; did you know ordering with the app can make you get some discounts. Yea, this is done by Alibaba so as to lure users into downloading the 1688 application
  • order on the website by yourself without any procurement agent. This means you would not be sending link to anybody to help you buy neither would you be paying 5% or any other procurement service charges as some used to pay
  • chat and negotiate price with suppliers. Did you know that some procurement agents after they send you quotation, they would go ahead and negotiate price with suppliers???? I have gotten a N10K profit in just a single order set by price negotiation
  • customize your product; suppliers can print your predetermined logo and rebrand your product if you meet up with certain quantity


No supplier would deliver your goods without receiving payment for it. Its pay before service something, in this circumference, I will show you how to:

  • verify your Alipay account
  • fund your Alipay account using your local bank card
  • source for rmb/yuan and pay for your goods
  • offline payment for those without international passport. So even without passport, you can still buy by yourself. What you have to do is to chat supplier and get his Alipay account, then I carry on the payment


After paying for items, would you leave them with suppliers? definitely no. So I would show you how to:

  • get a Chinese address belonging to logistic company
  • monitor how your goods is moving within China and know when it has reached your logistic warehouse address
  • calculate shipping fee and estimate the cost even before shipping
  • Ship your good to your country
  • monitor your goods from China to your doorstep

Turkey Importation

Although costly ,Turkey products are known for quality.

  • Contacts of Turkey suppliers
  • luxury and branded Turkish goods suppliers’ contact

Bonus includes Wechat engagement, suppliers contacts and some goodies