You must have heard about importation or being into importation, but are you doing it right??

Remember to have much conversion and higher profit you need to buy at cheaper price, is it not so???. You can join us using invite button below or scroll to continue reading

So in this training I would take my time to show you the exact thing I and my student are doing to import at a cheaper rate. A little tip; I and my students import without procurement agent, chat suppliers and negotiate price, buy less than MOQ and quality assurance. You can scroll to read further or join via the invite gif below

This Training Covers the following

China Importation

i. How to open a 1688 Account and partake in the benefit of being a member.

ii. How to download, Install and login to 1688 APP. With this app, the cost of goods would be reduced by some percentage, this is done by Alibaba group to attract users to the APP version of 1688

1.How To translate 1688 Website to English using Chrome browser(for both windows PC and Android phone)

2. How To Buy branded products like Gucci bags, Zara products, Fendi, Louis Vuitton among others.

3. How to chat(without WeChat) and negotiate price with supplier/producer whether he understands English or not. The price you see in the website is the selling price, cost price is always cheaper and you can get that directly from supplier

4. How to place order by yourself without any procurement agent

5. How to link your Alipay account to 1688 and taobao account

6. How to source for RMB and make payment

7. How to buy RMB directly from Bank and pay with it on 1688

8. How to calculate shipping cost

9. Track and monitor your goods till it reaches your location And LoTs More

Turkey and Bangladesh Importation

  • How To Chat Turkey Suppliers
  • How To Make Payment
  • over 30 contacts of Turkey Suppliers of wearables
  • Turkish Top brands
  • Turksih shipping fee calculation

I guaranty this would be your last importation training. I would hold you by your hands till you become a pro