Perhaps you are already into importation(buying and selling), but do you know there are other departments of importation which include offering services and making money?

In this training, I will be teaching everyone willing how to buy from China without any agent, but more interesting is that I would show you how I make overGN100,000 or Ghc2,000 or XAF100,000 monthly just by helping others buy with their own money(it’s called procurement) and how you yourself can do it. Unbelievable?

Now get you calculator and calculate 5% of ₦1,000,000. You can make far above that if you are consistent, dedicated and possess the right knowledge. For the right knowledge, I got you covered, you are already in the right place, at the right time; Congratulations!!!

To become a China procurement agent, you have to understand China importation very well and how it works, otherwise you mess up yourself.

Here comes the good news, hurray!!!. We would be organizing an intensive training to equip you with the technicalities and know-hows of China importation which will make procurement agency tangible to you. Click the button below to join