Funny heading right? Not impossible anyway. In summary you can build an online store that is solely based on whatsapp and even collect payment through different payment options.

Now let is start the Ship engine because we are about to sail. Ohhh, but am hydrophobic? Worry not, am your captain and I guaranty this ship would not sink because the engine is good, the body is chassis and the captain(Ikechukwu Chris) is prepared.

Ohhh I still don’t understand???? Long story short, You would learn the following;

1.How To Build an Ecommerce Website integrating your Whatsapp.

Noo, you don’t need to get your hands dirty with coding. You do not need any knowledge of programming. If you can chat on Whatsapp, you are good enough to start it

2.How To Add Your Products To Your Whatsapp store(not catalogue).

You can add all your items to cart, not just that. You can influence the minimum order quantity(MOQ). You can set it in a way that the minimum a customer can buy is x or y. This means you can even sell in bulk. Additionally, you can put a promo price, that is something like N5000 and now N4000. This alone can make your customers be in a hurry to buy.

3. How To Use Your Own Business name.

Just like, you can have your own business name as your website name(domain name). No coding needed

4. How To Collect Payments Online.

You can integrate with Paystack and potential customers would order and pay even when you are sleeping. You can set two options, pay on delivery or pay before delivery. Customers can make payment using their ATM Card, cool right??? After sometime, Paystack would send you payment for those who paid with ATM card. Additionally customer can choose to pay on delivery, this would console those being careful of scam

5. Send Orders Directly to Your DM,

When customer orders, order invoice would be sent directly to your inbox. It would contain the items ordered, quantity, address, total amount, method of payment chosen and other necessary information. From there you can chat up customer for any further information you might need.


  • Free Paystack setup
  • 5 contacts of local logistics that can deliver at a very cheap rate