Wealthcome. Have you ever wondered if a business to start this year?? Then consider importation business, where you buy things from various countries at a cheaper rate then resell for profit. Perhaps you have been into this business but need to upgrade your knowledge; this training also has something for you.

Before I continue, let me tell you something: This is the last importation class you would attend.

Many people know that there is huge profit in importation business but much knows how to even start the business and from the much that know, only few make huge profit, because the remaining lack price negotiation knowledge and the skill to get buy directly from supplier without a procurement agent. Truth is, profit is made at point of purchase not really point of sale__If you buy ite at a cheaper rate, then you stand at a fertile ground for making good profit

If you have no idea on importation business or have an idea but making very little profit, then am here for you. Let me be your mentor and I guaranty you that you would not regret

QuicKly, I would pattern what you would learn into three subheadings


  • How to open a 1688 Account and partake in the benefit of being a member
  • How To translate 1688 Website to English using Chrome browser(for both windows PC and Android phone)
  • How to Get Suppliers contact in 1688
  • How To Buy branded products like Gucci bags, Zara products, Fendi, Louis Vuitton among others
  • How to download, Install and login to 1688 APP. With this app, the cost of goods would be reduced by some percentage, this is done by Alibaba group to attract users to the APP version of 1688
  • How to Translate 1688 App into English language using High dictionary. You might doubt this, but I will show you later…Evidence silences arguments
  • How to Get suppliers Contacts yourself on 1688. The supplier are praying to meet you, so there contact is there in the 1688 website but encoded. It takes some intelligence, The people selling suppliers contact, how did they get it? You think they traveled to China to ? Hell no
  • How to chat and negotiate price with supplier/producer whether he understands English or not. The price you see in the website is the selling price, cost price is always cheaper and you can get that directly from supplier
  • How to Chat 1688 Supplier using 1688 app or Aliwangwang

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  • How to order item directly
  • How to fund your Alipay account using local bank card
  • How to pay for items by yourself online
  • How to source Rmb and pay your Suppliers even without international passport


  • How to monitor your goods from supplier till it reach your shipping company’s warehouse
  • How to calculate shipping cost for both sea and air Shipping
  • Landing cost analysis
  • How to monitor your goods from China to your doorstep
  • Contacts of logistics that can ship directly to Ghana or Nigeria at a cheaper rate
  • How To Identify the right or legit shipping agent. If you fail this, your goods is as good as loss. Be careful of people claiming to be shipping agents but are fraudulent.

Bonus 1: Turkey importation

  • Over 30 contacts of Turkish suppliers and agents
  • How to pay Turkish suppliers
  • Telegram groups of Turkish suppliers
  • Contacts of Turkey to Nigeria/Ghana shipping companies

Bonus 2: WeChat

  • HoW To register a WeChat account
  • How to verify WeChat
  • How to add suppliers on WeChat

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